Welcome to the Louisiana Grazing Lands Conservation Coalition Webpage

    This webpage is deciated to helping farmers help farmers. It will also explain what a pasture walk group is, and what a pasture walk plans to accomplish. There is an area that shows which spelicialist is in charge of which district. There is also a schedule of pasture walks posted. So kick off your boots, sit back, and start clicking. We thank you for visiting, and look forward to seeing you out in the pasture.

What Is A Grazing/Pasture Walk Group?

    Grazing/Pasture Walk Groups are groups of ranchers who work together to increase their knowledge of forage management, pasture-based production and farm economics. They promote a mutual self-help approach to learning in which each member is both a student and a teacher (rancher-to-rancher learning). The members share their experiences and offer advice to one another, organize educational events around their common interests and spend some time socializing. Members usually find that what they learn from other ranchers is timely, practical and profitable. As a group, they are all in the same basic situation with weather, prices, and vendors and they try to help each other keep costs own and profits up.

How Do I Join?

    Most Grazing/Pasture Walk Groups get started when three or four ranchers start talking about their common problems and decide to pool their knowledge to help one another out. Reaching others who may be interested in becoming part of the network is usually done by word of mouth or through targeted mailings. Establishing and maintaining a Grazing/Pasture Walk Group is challenging. It demands leadership, commitment, time, energy and creativity. In Louisiana, NRCS Grazing Lands Specialists act as coordinators for the local grazing groups, but the leadership comes from within the group. Louisiana currently has 5 active Grazing/Pasture Walk Groups.